Current Conditions


Feels Like: 82°
H: 82° L: 54°
Pressure: 30.08
Dewpoint: 50°
Humidity: 33%
Wind: ESE at 5
Average High: 76
Average Low: 53
Record High: 96
Record Low: 37


More heat and humidity Friday

It’s a clear and cool Thursday night, with lows falling into the upper 50s and lower 60s.


Friday is the beginning of a summer-like forecast.


High pressure remains in control Friday, which paves the way to another sunny day.


Humidity levels will be a bit higher in the afternoon as highs reach into the middle 80s.


Highs over the weekend top out in the mid to upper 80s.


The heat continues into early next week, with the best chance of rain arriving Tuesday.


Once the rain moves out, cooler air returns in time for the first day of fall on Wednesday.


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Daily Forecast

Clear skies. Low near 60F. Winds light and variable.
Partly cloudy. High 86F. Winds SSW at 5 to 10 mph.
Tomorrow night
A few clouds from time to time. Low 62F. Winds light and variable.
Intervals of clouds and sunshine. High 83F. Winds NNE at 5 to 10 mph.
Saturday night
Clear skies. Low 56F. Winds light and variable.
Generally sunny despite a few afternoon clouds. High near 85F. Winds ESE at 5 to 10 mph.
Sunday night
Partly cloudy skies. Low 61F. Winds light and variable.
A few showers in the morning with scattered thunderstorms arriving in the afternoon. High 83F. Winds SE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 40%.
Monday night
Variably cloudy with scattered thunderstorms. Low 66F. Winds SSE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 60%.
Mixed clouds and sun with scattered thunderstorms. High 79F. Winds S at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 60%.
Tuesday night
Scattered thunderstorms in the evening, then variable clouds overnight with more showers at times. Low 59F. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 60%.

Hourly Forecast

TimeTempFeels LikeConditionsPrecipHumidityWind
4 PM82°82°Sunny0%36%SE at 6mph
5 PM81°81°Sunny0%38%SE at 6mph
6 PM77°77°Sunny1%51%ESE at 5mph
7 PM73°73°Clear1%61%ESE at 3mph
8 PM69°69°Clear1%68%ESE at 4mph
9 PM67°67°Clear1%74%ESE at 4mph
10 PM66°66°Clear3%78%ESE at 4mph
11 PM64°64°Clear4%83%ESE at 4mph
12 AM63°63°Clear6%86%ESE at 4mph
1 AM62°62°Clear6%89%ESE at 3mph
2 AM62°62°Clear7%91%ESE at 3mph
3 AM62°62°Clear8%92%ESE at 2mph
4 AM62°62°Clear8%92%SE at 2mph
5 AM62°62°Clear8%94%SE at 2mph
6 AM61°61°M Clear9%97%SE at 2mph
7 AM62°62°M Sunny8%96%SE at 2mph
8 AM67°68°P Cloudy7%87%SSE at 3mph
9 AM72°73°M Sunny7%78%S at 4mph
10 AM75°76°M Sunny9%73%SSW at 5mph
11 AM78°81°P Cloudy7%68%SW at 6mph
12 PM80°83°P Cloudy15%65%SW at 7mph
1 PM82°85°P Cloudy21%60%WSW at 6mph
2 PM84°87°M Sunny7%56%SW at 6mph
3 PM84°88°P Cloudy4%54%SW at 6mph
4 PM84°87°P Cloudy1%53%SW at 6mph
5 PM83°86°M Sunny2%53%SW at 5mph
6 PM81°84°M Sunny2%61%SW at 3mph
7 PM76°80°M Clear2%71%SW at 3mph
8 PM73°75°P Cloudy3%79%SW at 3mph
9 PM72°74°P Cloudy7%83%SSW at 2mph
10 PM71°72°P Cloudy14%87%SW at 2mph
11 PM70°71°M Clear15%87%WSW at 2mph
12 AM68°70°M Clear13%91%WSW at 2mph
1 AM67°69°Clear10%94%W at 2mph
2 AM66°68°Clear11%95%W at 2mph
3 AM66°67°M Clear11%97%WNW at 2mph
4 AM65°65°P Cloudy8%98%NW at 2mph
5 AM64°64°P Cloudy8%98%NW at 2mph
6 AM63°63°P Cloudy8%100%NNW at 3mph
7 AM63°63°P Cloudy11%99%N at 3mph
8 AM67°68°P Cloudy9%90%NNE at 3mph
9 AM71°72°P Cloudy6%79%NE at 5mph
10 AM75°75°M Cloudy6%70%NE at 6mph
11 AM77°80°M Cloudy5%65%NE at 6mph
12 PM78°81°M Cloudy4%61%NE at 6mph
1 PM80°82°P Cloudy1%57%NE at 5mph
2 PM81°83°P Cloudy3%54%NNE at 5mph

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