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Allen County Democrats react to bill aiming to restrict federal gun control

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Proposed bill would eliminate required conceal carry license in Ohio

A poster inside ZX Gun shows an image of a handgun in front of the U.S. Constitution.

Second Amendment preservation. That is Republican State Rep. Lorissa Sweet’s focus in her first act.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WFFT) -- Second Amendment preservation.

That is Republican State Rep. Lorissa Sweet’s focus in her first act.

"There have long been attacks on our Second Amendment right from the federal government, and they will continue to persist,” Sweet said.

Her primary concerns: that President Biden will ban certain semi-automatic guns, restrict magazine capacities, eliminate immunity for gun manufacturers and mandate background checks for firearm sales.

Chair of the Allen County Democratic Party Derek Camp says things like background checks are necessary.

“Background checks help identify people with underlying mental illnesses that should not be having a gun. Background checks also identify domestic abusers and all these other classes of people that have serious concerns, not only to the safety of an individual but also to the public safety,” Camp said.

Sweet says she wants to push back against federal overreach, making federal laws targeting lawful gun owners invalid and unenforceable in Indiana.

Camp doesn’t think Indiana has the legal jurisdiction to do that.

“It sounds like she doesn’t really understand how the federal government works and how our federal system works. If a law is passed at the federal level and it is constitutional and then it goes through the Supreme Court and it is a federal law, we don’t get to just say, ‘oh we don’t want to obey that one as a state,’” Camp said.

He says, even if it becomes a law, that doesn’t mean it can be enforced.

However, Sweet is confident the law would prevent the federal government from infringing on constitutional rights.

“We must act with urgency to strengthen our rights and make sure there are consequences for those who infringe on them," Sweet said.

She wants to establish civil penalties for those who violate her proposed law, but she did not specify what those penalties would look like.

Sweet says, if her bill becomes law, Indiana would join 19 other states that already have similar legislation.

House Bill 1177 was co-authored by three other Republican representatives.

FOX 55 will continue to follow this story as Rep. Sweet moves forward with the legislation.

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