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This 21-year-old thought he had overcome a mild case of Covid-19. Then he went into organ failure

21-year-old Spencer Rollyson had a mild case of Covid-19 but ended up in the intensive care unit with organ failure. He tells CNN's Erin Burnett that he initially thought coronavirus was like the flu.

Two police body cameras capture the struggle leading to George Floyd's death

Police body camera footage showing Minneapolis police pointing a gun at George Floyd and struggling with him during his fatal arrest was released by the court. CNN's Sara Sidner reviews the newly released video.

Police officer fires gun and wounds man after accidentally being hit by deputy's Taser

Newly released body camera video shows a Nevada police officer unintentionally shooting a man after that officer was hit with a Taser discharged by a sheriff's deputy, the Reno Police Department said.

College football's 'Power Five' leaders are discussing postponing season amid coronavirus concerns, reports say

Florida State University senior offensive lineman Andrew Boselli and seven of his family members got infected with coronavirus. Boselli explains to CNN's Brianna Keilar why he thinks the 2020 college football season should start as scheduled.

Explosion at homes in Baltimore kills 1 person and injures 7 others

One woman has died and several others were injured after a major gas explosion leveled homes in a residential area of Baltimore. CNN's Brooke Baldwin spoke to the President of Baltimore Firefighters Local 734 Rich Langford for an update.

Illinois' breakout star in a hazy economic landscape: recreational marijuana

It only took a few months for Illinois' budding recreational marijuana industry to blossom -- even during the Covid-19 pandemic. CNN's Polo Sandoval reports.

Chicago police arrest more than 100 people after shootout and looting downtown

CNN's Polo Sandoval is on the streets of Chicago that were overrun with looters the previous night, showing the damage that was caused and the clean up effort the morning after.

5 things to know for August 10: Coronavirus, stimulus, Beirut, election 2020, Belarus

After a deadly explosion shook Beirut, Lebanon, killing at least 154 people and injuring at least 5,000, protesters gathered in the city to demand help, answers and accountability from the government.

5 things to know for August 10: Coronavirus, stimulus, Beirut, election 2020, Belarus

The heat and humidity on the rise again in the Northeast. CNN Meteorologist Karen Maginnis has the details of how long these temperatures will last.

60% of Sturgis residents were against a motorcycle rally that brings in thousands but the city approved it. Here's why

CNN medical analyst Dr. Jonathan Reiner weighs in on the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota. This year's gathering is expected to draw about 250,000 people from across the country, and Reiner says it has the potential to be a "super spreader" event.

Two police officers in Georgia put on leave after shooting at minors

Two police officers in Georgia are on administrative leave, pending the outcome of an investigation, after shooting at five minors during a vehicle stop, a news release from Waycross Police said.

5 things to know for August 10: Coronavirus, stimulus, Beirut, election 2020, Belarus

Preventive medicine specialist Dr. David Katz discusses an article in the journal Nature Reviews Immunology that suggests some immune systems are resistant to COVID-19.

5 things to know for August 10: Coronavirus, stimulus, Beirut, election 2020, Belarus

President Donald Trump signed four executive actions aimed at helping millions of Americans facing financial difficulties from the coronavirus pandemic. CNN's Kristen Holmes and Daniel Dale have the latest.

History professor who has accurately predicted every election since 1984 says Trump will lose

American University history professor Allan Lichtman developed a system that has accurately predicted every presidential election since 1984 (with one exception: he predicted Al Gore, who did win the popular vote but lost to George W. Bush. Licthman stands by that prediction).

Inside the federal prison where three out of every four inmates have tested positive for coronavirus

In a Texas town, 75% of a prison's population tested positive for coronavirus. Hear what it's like inside the hardest-hit federal prison in the US. CNN's Drew Griffin reports.

Jerry Falwell Jr. will take a leave of absence from Liberty University

Jerry Falwell Jr., the controversial president and chancellor of Liberty University, agreed to take an "indefinite leave of absence" from his role, according to a statement Friday from the evangelical Christian university. CNN's Tom Foreman reports this comes after a strange vacation photo drew sharp criticism.

Georgia school seen in photo of a crowded hallway will briefly move to online learning after reporting 9 cases of Covid-19

The mother of a student who was suspended after posting a photo on Twitter that showed her high school's crowded hallways this week tells CNN that her daughter's suspension has been reversed.

Riders begin to gather in South Dakota for 80th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

The largest public gathering in the US since the coronavirus pandemic is kicking off at the 80th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota. CNN's Ryan Young reports many attendees are not wearing face masks.

A new video shows another Black man in custody pleading, 'I can't breathe,' before his death

A judge ordered the release of video showing the events that led to the death of inmate John Neville. Five corrections officers and a nurse have been charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection with his death.

Jerry Falwell Jr. will take a leave of absence from Liberty University

Rep. Mark Waller (R-NC) calls on Jerry Falwell Jr. to resign as president of Liberty University after Falwell posted a now-deleted photo on Instagram with his pants unzipped and his arm around a woman.

Sections of Manhattan wake up to power outage

New Yorkers are waking up to widespread power outages, mainly on the Upper West Side and in Harlem.

5 things to know for August 7: Coronavirus, Beirut, Saudi Arabia, TikTok, police

Gov. Mike DeWine (R-OH) discusses testing positive for coronavirus and gives an update on how he's feeling.

5 things to know for August 7: Coronavirus, Beirut, Saudi Arabia, TikTok, police

The East Coast is expecting more rain today before temperatures start to increase. CNN meteorologist Melissa Nord has the details of what to expect.

5 things to know for August 7: Coronavirus, Beirut, Saudi Arabia, TikTok, police

President Donald Trump issued executive orders that would ban the social media apps TikTok and WeChat from operating in the US in 45 days if they are not sold by their Chinese-owned parent companies. CNN's Sherisse Pham reports.

Georgia student who posted photo of a crowded school hallway and called it 'good and necessary trouble' is no longer suspended, her mom says

Georgia high school student Hannah Watters says she was suspended after posting a photo of a crowded hallway at her school. Watters told CNN's Laura Coates that she took the photo "out of concern" amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Daisy Coleman, student featured in Netflix documentary on sexual assault, dies by suicide

Daisy Coleman, a 23-year-old whose allegation of sexual assault and ensuing harassment was chronicled in the Netflix documentary "Audrie and Daisy," died by suicide, her mother confirmed on Facebook.

Michelle Obama says she's suffering from 'low-grade depression'

During an episode of "The Michelle Obama Podcast," the former first lady revealed watching the current administration has contributed to her having "low-grade depression" during the pandemic.

New Covid-19 cases are declining in Arizona, once a hot spot. Here's how the state is turning things around

Dr. Anthony Fauci tells CNN's John Berman that he agrees with Dr. Deborah Birx's warning about rising coronavirus positivity rates in nine US cities and the central valley of California.

Grandmother sues after she was arrested at Disney with CBD oil in her purse

Hester Burkhalter, a 69-year-old woman from Hickory, North Carolina, and her family are suing Walt Disney Co. and the Orange County Sheriff, for arrest over CBD oil.

When a nearly 12-foot alligator came toward his 4-year-old, this dad sprung into action

Andrew Grande, a Texas father, saved his kids from an approximately 12-foot alligator looming in a canal they were near.

FBI agents executed a federal search warrant at YouTube celebrity Jake Paul's home

A law enforcement official confirms to CNN that FBI agents executed a federal search warrant at the Calabasas, California, home of YouTube celebrity Jake Paul.

Some teachers wrote their own obituaries as part of their back to school prep

Art teacher Jeremy Dumkrieger wrote his own mock obituary describing a lonely and isolated death due to Covid-19 in the hopes that Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds will mandate masks ahead of schools reopening.

Woman allegedly attacks a Staples customer who asked her to wear a mask properly

A woman has been charged with aggravated assault for allegedly attacking another woman after she asked her to properly wear a face mask at a New Jersey Staples store, police said.

'May karma find you all': A woman's obituary for her late husband condemns Trump and people who don't wear masks

Stacey Nagy told CNN's Erin Burnett she wrote an obituary for her husband's coronavirus death where she blamed President Trump, Texas Gov. Abbott and those who do not wear masks because she felt a need to "put blame where it belonged."

5 things to know for August 5: Beirut, coronavirus, election, airlines, Taiwan

Why is coronavirus testing in the US still a debacle? CNN spoke to more than 20 testing experts including state health officials, testing labs, test suppliers, hospitals and industry insiders, and the overwhelming consensus is that a federal plan is needed to help fix it. CNN's Drew Griffin reports.

5 things to know for August 5: Beirut, coronavirus, election, airlines, Taiwan

A cooler air mass which has helped steer Isaias is pushing east, leaving the Great Lakes and portions of the Midwest with a much needed break from the record breaking heat. CNN meteorologist Pedram Javaheri has the forecast.

NYC health commissioner resigns amid pandemic, tells staffers 'your talents must be better leveraged'

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio responds to the resignation of Oxiris Barbot, the city's health commissioner, who helped lead efforts to contain Covid-19.

Man charged with shooting at an employee after being asked to wear a mask in a Pennsylvania cigar shop, police say

A Pennsylvania man is facing charges of attempted criminal homicide after he allegedly shot at an employee of a cigar shop who asked him to wear a mask.

5 things to know for August 4: Coronavirus, census, election, economy, Spain

Hurricane Isaias made landfall near Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, according to the National Hurricane Center. Isaias currently has winds of 85 mph, making it a Category 1 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale.

An Alabama high school principal turned 'U Can't Touch This' into Covid-19 safety video

A high school principal in Alabama parodied MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This" to encourage students to be safe when they return to school in the fall.

Leaked police bodycam video shows new details of George Floyd's fatal arrest

George Floyd can be seen struggling with officers while in the back of a squad car before his death in newly leaked bodycam footage obtained by

5 things to know for August 4: Coronavirus, census, election, economy, Spain

Researchers at West Virginia University have been tracking the strange behavior of so-called "zombie cicadas."

260 employees in Georgia school district have tested positive for Covid-19 or been exposed

Georgia's largest school district has confirmed that around 260 employees have either tested positive for Covid-19 or have been exposed. Dr. Jeffrey Gold speaks to CNN's Jim Sciutto about this.

New Jersey federal judge whose son was killed details his last words

Judge Esther Salas, the federal judge whose son was killed and husband was shot in their New Jersey home, called for greater privacy protections for judges in her first comments since the shooting.

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson tests positive for Covid-19

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson has tested positive for Covid-19 and is in self-quarantine, the NFL team announced in a statement.

5 things to know for August 4: Coronavirus, census, election, economy, Spain

The dairy industry just relaunched -- and revamped -- the "Got Milk?" ad campaign. But this time, the celebrities with milk mustaches have been replaced by this.

5 things to know for August 3: Coronavirus, schools, election 2020, stimulus, TikTok

Fareed takes a look at why the success of the Chinese-owned social media platform has led to a global backlash over security and privacy concerns.

5 things to know for August 3: Coronavirus, schools, election 2020, stimulus, TikTok

White House coronavirus task force coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx tell CNN's Dana Bash that schools should continue with distance learning "if you have high caseload and active community spread."

5 things to know for August 3: Coronavirus, schools, election 2020, stimulus, TikTok

CNN's Brian Stelter discusses how the upcoming November election will look vastly different from previous ones, and concerns about President Donald Trump's baseless claims about election fraud.

A 28-year-old woman is the first Covid-19 survivor to receive a double-lung transplant in the US

After being placed on a ventilator for six weeks due to Covid-19, Mayra Ramirez was so sick she needed a double-lung transplant. Ramirez and the surgeon who performed the operation, Dr. Ankit Bharat, share their experience.

Dozens of people attended a party for first responders in Los Angeles without wearing masks or social distancing

Dozens of people attended a party at a Los Angeles bar without wearing masks or adhering to social distancing guidelines. The bar's owners say the event was meant to "honor first responders." California has over 500,000 reported cases of coronavirus, more than any other state in the US. CNN's Kyung Lah reports.

You can now buy merch from the infamous Fyre Fest fraud

US Marshals are auctioning off clothing and souvenirs from the infamous Fyre Festival. Proceeds from the auction will help repay the victims of the scam.

Two teens in Florida die of coronavirus complications

CNN's John King breaks down the latest trends in US Covid-19 cases, where 12 states are seeing an upward trend, but 11 are now trending down.

9-year-old boy fatally shot on the last day of a deadly July in Chicago

More than 100 federal agents are surging into Chicago as part of "Operation Legend" in an effort to combat violence in the city.

Midair collision kills 7 in Alaska, including state lawmaker

Two small planes collided in the air in Alaska on Friday, killing all seven people on both aircraft, including a state representative from the area, state troopers said.

LAPD releases video showing protester shot in head with 'less-lethal' round

A protester in Los Angeles had his hands raised when police shot him in the head with a projectile "intended to cause pain."

'We're dying here,' Florida newspaper says in pleading with governor to issue a statewide mask mandate

The Sun Sentinel is pleading with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to issue a mask mandate for the state.

Newly unsealed documents describe Ghislaine Maxwell's abuse of one of Epstein's alleged victims

CNN's Kara Scannell looks into the newly unsealed documents in the case against Jeffrey Epstein confidant Ghislaine Maxwell.

With Navajo Nation hit hard by Covid-19, this CNN Hero's mission to help vulnerable elders has a new urgency

CNN Hero Linda Myers spent decades providing a lifeline to Navajo elders before the pandemic hit. As Covid-19 is claiming lives at an alarming rate, she is racing to help the most vulnerable and prepare for the upcoming winter.

5 things to know for July 31: Coronavirus, election 2020, economy, stimulus, hong kong

President Donald Trump explicitly floated delaying November's presidential election, lending voice to persistent concerns that he would seek to circumvent voting in a contest where he currently trails his opponent by double digits. CNN's Joe Johns reports.

5 things to know for July 31: Coronavirus, election 2020, economy, stimulus, hong kong

Gem Spa - a corner store in New York's East Village - is one of thousands of small businesses in the US shuttered by the pandemic. CNN's Vanessa Yurkevich reports.

5 things to know for July 31: Coronavirus, election 2020, economy, stimulus, hong kong

Listen to this public health doctor explain the risks of activities that people are doing more and more even as the pandemic continues.

5 things to know for July 30: Coronavirus, police, stimulus, Hong Kong, Germany

Tropical storm Isaias has formed just south of Puerto Rico making it the earliest 9th named storm for the Atlantic Hurricane season on record. CNN Meteorologist Derek Van Dam has the latest forecast.

NBA player Harrison Barnes has a message for Americans after overcoming coronavirus

Sacramento Kings Harrison Barnes and CNN's Don Lemon discuss his family's battle with Covid-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement ahead of the NBA resuming play.

Florida county sheriff has already issued more than 200 citations while cracking down on gatherings

After her 29-year-old daugher died from Covid-19, Anadelia Diaz was left to care for her three grandchildren, two of whom also were sick with coronavirus. Diaz shares her story with CNN's Brooke Baldwin.

This single, working mom says remote learning will mean having to choose between her child or job

Tina Carroll, a single mother to a six-year-old boy, tells CNN's Chris Cuomo she hopes her local school system will at least partially open schools to allow her child to go to school so she can continue to work.

Minneapolis police identify 'Umbrella Man' who helped incite George Floyd riots, warrant says

Minneapolis police have identified a suspect whom they believe helped initiate the riots and destruction in the city following the killing of George Floyd. CNN's Sara Sidner reports.

Arizona train derailment and fire described as 'a scene from hell'

One person was treated for smoke inhalation after a Union Pacific train derailed and caught fire on a bridge over Tempe Town Lake in Arizona, officials said.

Video shows New York police pulling a woman into an unmarked van. She was wanted for damaging police cameras, police say

The New York Police Department is facing scrutiny after video was posted online of officers pulling a woman into an unmarked van.

Former Angels official faces federal drug charge related to the overdose death of pitcher Tyler Skaggs

A former communications director for the Los Angeles Angels has been charged in connection with the 2019 death of pitcher Tyler Skaggs.

Educators face new cases and shifting guidance as they try to reopen schools safely

Retail spaces, co-ops, outdoor learning: Parents are grappling with what to do with their kids this school season. Here are some alternatives they've come up with.

5 things to know for July 29: Stimulus, William Barr, election 2020, DACA, tech hearing

Amazon's Jeff Bezos, Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, Apple's Tim Cook, and Alphabet's Sundar Pichai will appear before the House Judiciary Committee's antitrust panel to answer allegations that the companies have stifled competition and are too dominant. CNN's Clare Sebastian explains.

5 things to know for July 29: Stimulus, William Barr, election 2020, DACA, tech hearing

Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands along with the northern islands of the Lesser Antilles are under tropical storm advisories. CNN Meteorologist Pedram Javaheri has who will be impacted the worst from the latest tropical system.

A George Floyd hologram will light up the Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond tonight

The foundation created by George Floyd's family launched a new initiative to project a hologram of George Floyd at a handful of Confederate monuments throughout the South.

5 things to know for July 29: Stimulus, William Barr, election 2020, DACA, tech hearing

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) asks Attorney General Bill Barr about federal officers descending on protesters near the White House ahead of a photo-op for President Donald Trump.

Coronavirus means many school bus riders could be left with no seat

As arguments rage about whether it is safe to have children back in classrooms amid the Covid-19 pandemic, there is another major hurdle -- how to get them there. More than 25 million students typically use buses to get to and from school, but with social distancing needs, there will just not be enough space.

5 things to know for July 28: Coronavirus, stimulus, vaccine, election 2020, North Korea

The stage is being set for a potentially dangerous flash flooding event for portions of the Midwest. CNN Meteorologist Pederam Javaheri has the details.

Former NFL player Dana Stubblefield convicted of rape

Former NFL player Dana Stubblefield made a statement regarding the rape charges brought against him in Santa Clara, California. CNN affiliate KPIX has more.

Miami Marlins' season on hold after more players test positive for Covid-19

Ahead of the Miami Marlins' game against the Philadelphia Phillies, the Marlins found out that starting pitcher Jose Urena would not be available to play. According to multiple outlets, including ESPN and The Philadelphia Inquirer, Urena had tested positive for Covid-19. CNN contributor Bob Costas talks about the Marlins' decision to play after finding out about the Covid-19 outbreak and the effect that decision could have throughout the league.

Witness to Austin Black Lives Matter shooting says 'the driver incited the violence'

James Sasinowski, who was at the protest where Garrett Foster was fatally shot, alleges that the shooter incited violence by the way he drove his car. The driver was questioned by police but has been released.

New Jersey governor condemns house party at a packed Airbnb with over 700 guests

Speaking at a press conference, Governor Phil Murphy (D-NJ) sends a message to young people after a massive house party lead to a Covid-19 cluster.

Great granddaughter of anti-Nazi resistance fighter confronted a couple wearing swastika masks in a US Walmart

A couple seen on video wearing face coverings with swastikas as they shopped at a Minnesota Walmart is now banned from the company's stores for at least a year, according to a company spokesperson.

5 things to know for July 28: Coronavirus, stimulus, vaccine, election 2020, North Korea

Dr. Anthony Fauci tells CNN's Wolf Blitzer how a Covid-19 vaccine may be prioritized once it is developed.

Major League Baseball season start overshadowed by Covid-19

The Miami Marlins have canceled their home opener after multiple players and coaches tested positive for Covid-19, according to an ESPN report.

NFL cancels preseason games ahead of 2020 season, commissioner says

In a CNN exclusive, Dr. Sanjay Gupta speaks with NFL Chief Medical Officer Dr. Allen Sills about the NFL's plans to keep players safe from Covid-19 and goes inside the Atlanta Falcon's training center to see the system first-hand.

Peaceful protests and violent clashes erupted this weekend. Here's what happened in 6 cities

CNN's Lucy Kafanov reports on the ongoing nationwide protests over racial injustice in America, sparked by the death of George Floyd.

A baby and 2 adults are killed when a small plane crashes in a Utah backyard

A small plane crashed in a suburban Salt Lake City neighborhood, killing at least three people, police said. CNN affiliate KSL has the story.

5 things to know for July 27: Coronavirus, protests, stimulus, economy, Poland

As coronavirus cases spike across the country, President Donald Trump greeted supporters without a mask and threw hats into the crowd near his club in Bedminster, New Jersey. CNN's Kristen Holmes reports this comes a day after golfing with NFL legend Brett Favre, also without a mask.

5 things to know for July 27: Coronavirus, protests, stimulus, economy, Poland

Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers, both professors of economics and public policy at the University of Michigan, discuss White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow's claim that the economy will bounce back on it's own.

Peaceful protests and violent clashes erupted this weekend. Here's what happened in 6 cities

CNN's Elie Honig answers viewers' legal questions about the protests in Portland, Oregon, Michael Cohen and the coronavirus.

At the debut of a brand new Texas ballpark, the cracks of bats echo through empty stands

The Texas Rangers hosted the Colorado Rockies for the first official game in the new $1.2 billion ballpark, Globe Life Field. It was a welcome moment of normalcy in a state devastated by high rates of deaths and hospitalizations from Covid-19 in recent weeks. CNN's Ed Lavandera reports.

Across the globe, online survivor groups are a source of hope and support for those diagnosed with Covid-19

People being treated for or recovering from Covid-19 are turning to online support groups to share their stories and find hope.

A Texas hospital overwhelmed by the coronavirus may send some patients home to die

Doctors at a Texas hospital along the US-Mexico border may decide to send coronavirus patients "home to die by their loved ones" due to limited resources, officials say. CNN's Ed Lavandera has more.

Washington state was the first in the US to confront the coronavirus. Now it's battling a resurgence

CNN's Dan Simon reports on the spike in coronavirus cases in Washington state after easing lockdown restrictions.

Parents cooperating with health officials after New Jersey teen party leads to Covid-19 cluster

CNN's Jason Carroll reports that New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy says parents are now cooperating with contact tracers after a teen party led to a coronavirus cluster.

Harry and Meghan sue over 'intrusive' pictures of son Archie

Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, are suing over paparazzi photographs of their toddler son, Archie, their lawyer said in a statement. The lawsuit was filed in California, where the family now lives.

5 things to know for July 24: Coronavirus, RNC, police, China, ISIS

A triple threat in the tropics as multiple storms threaten land this weekend. CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam has the forecast path and strength of each storm.

Dr. Fauci takes a break from fighting the pandemic to throw the first pitch of the MLB season

Dr. Anthony Fauci threw the ceremonial first pitch of the 2020 Major League Baseball season before the game between the Washington Nationals and the New York Yankees.

A key miscalculation by officers contributed to the tragic death of Breonna Taylor

A CNN analysis finds key missteps by officers, including using months-old information, contributed to the shooting death of 26-year-old Breonna Taylor in a high-risk police operation. CNN's Drew Griffin reports.

5 things to know for July 24: Coronavirus, RNC, police, China, ISIS

President Donald Trump announced that there will not be Republican convention activities in Jacksonville, Florida.

A Florida mother lost a son to Covid-19. Days later, her daughter also died of it

CNN's Brianna Keilar speaks with Monete Hicks and her niece, Darisha Scott. Hicks lost both her son and daughter to the coronavirus within a span of 11 days.

After 128 days in a hospital -- 51 on a ventilator -- Covid-19 survivor 'Miracle Larry' is finally home

Larry Kelly earned the nickname "Miracle Larry" after surviving a long battle with the coronavirus, including over 50 days on a ventilator. WCBS has more.

Black Lives Matter protests across America continue nearly 2 months after George Floyd's death

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler was tear gassed in downtown, according to video and posts on Twitter from a New York Times journalist. The video appeared to come after Wheeler joined crowds to listen to protesters and answer their questions in response to violent clashes between demonstrators and federal forces, whose camouflage, troop-like uniforms and aggressive tactics have exacerbated the protests.

5 things to know for July 23: Coronavirus, economy, stimulus, China, MLB

Severe storm hit the northeast again and multiple tropical systems are also on the horizon. CNN meteorologist Pedram Javaheri has the forecast.

Woman who invited Texas governor to her mother's funeral says she would be alive if state had mandated masks sooner

A woman whose mother died of Covid-19 says Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is invited to the funeral, calling out the government's inaction.

5 things to know for July 23: Coronavirus, economy, stimulus, China, MLB

Once a coronavirus vaccine is approved, every American won't be able to get it at once. That sets up the unenviable task of deciding, amid a deadly pandemic, who is most vulnerable to the disease and who is most essential to inoculate quickly. CNN's Sara Murray reports.

5 things to know for July 23: Coronavirus, economy, stimulus, China, MLB

Senate Republicans and the White House remain at odds over several central components of their next stimulus proposal after a full day of negotiations on Capitol Hill.

Two couples include a rare comet in their proposals for a once-in-a-lifetime cosmic engagement

A New York couple got engaged under a comet and captured the moment in a spectacular picture.

Convent outside Detroit lost 13 nuns to Covid-19 with 12 dying in one month

Thirteen members of the Felician Sisters convent in Livonia, Michigan, died of coronavirus. The Global Sisters Report, an independent, non-profit Catholic news publisher, said the death of the 13 sisters in Livonia may be the worst loss of life to a community of religious women in the US since the 1918 influenza pandemic.

5 things to know for July 22: Coronavirus, stimulus, protests, China, social media

Hot temperatures and severe storms for the east, fire threat in the west, and the chance for tropical development in the Gulf of Mexico. CNN meteorologist Pedram Javaheri has the forecast.

One of the original 'Rosie the Riveters' is now making masks to help defeat coronavirus

94-year-old Mae Krier, an original 'Rosie the Riveter,' is making coronavirus masks and tells CNN's Chris Cuomo about serving her country during hard times.

15 injured in Chicago drive-by shooting at funeral for man killed in drive-by shooting

Fourteen people were hospitalized after a shoot-out at a funeral in Chicago, police said. CNN's Omar Jimenez reports.

5 things to know for July 22: Coronavirus, stimulus, protests, China, social media

President Donald Trump emphasized the importance of wearing a mask to help mitigate the spread of coronavirus multiple times during a White House press briefing. Only a day prior, President Trump tweeted a rare photo in a mask but was seen later in public without one.

5 things to know for July 22: Coronavirus, stimulus, protests, China, social media

In an interview with CNN, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) criticized his colleagues for the outlines of the $1 trillion stimulus proposal currently under consideration.

Florida educators file lawsuit after state forces schools to reopen this fall

CNN's Alisyn Camerota speaks to Fedrick Ingram, a Miami-Dade County teacher who reacts to Gov. Ron DeSantis' decision to reopen schools despite coronavirus cases rising across the state.

5 things to know for July 21: Coronavirus, stimulus, Europe, election 2020, Russia

Heat continues to bake the East with severe storms also in the forecast today. Chad Myers has a look at what you can expect and a look at possible tropical rain this weekend.

Investigators examining if killing of men's rights activist last week is connected to attack at federal judge's home

The man suspected of shooting the husband and son of US District Judge Esther Salas at her North Brunswick, New Jersey, home has been identified as Roy Den Hollander, the US Attorney's Office in New Jersey announced.

A Navy veteran says he was beaten and pepper sprayed by authorities while attending his first protest in Portland

Video appears to show authorities beating and pepper spraying Chris David, a 53-year-old Navy veteran who attended a protest in Portland, Oregon.

After bending the curve, California is poised to take over New York for the most Covid-19 cases

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) announced a statewide stay-at-home order to combat Covid-19 on March 19, only to see the coronavirus surge weeks after reopening the state in May. CNN's Sara Sidner reports on what went wrong in America's most populous state.

Several protesters arrested in Portland after police say they blocked buildings and threw projectiles

A mysterious video of unidentified police arresting a protester and putting him in an unmarked vehicle has been shared widely online, including by a US senator who called it "authoritarianism." US Customs and Border Protection says the person detained in the video was suspected of assaulting federal agents.

Attorney who was found dead named as primary suspect in fatal shooting at federal judge's home

The person suspected of shooting the husband and son of US District Court of New Jersey Esther Salas at her North Brunswick home has died of what is believed to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to two law enforcement sources.

These Black female soldiers brought order to chaos and delivered a blow against inequality

The 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion faced discrimination during their historic service in World War II. Three of the living servicewomen share their stories.

A Kansas dog went missing for days. Turns out, she had journeyed to her previous house in Missouri, over 50 miles away

After Cleo, a 4-year-old Labrador, went missing for a week, she was found almost 60 miles away from her Kansas home at her previous home in Missouri.

US attorney requests DHS investigation after video shows masked, camouflaged federal authorities arresting protesters in Portland

CNN national security analyst Samantha Vinograd explains why federal troops in Portland, Oregon, are "worrisome" and why people should be concerned about the latest Twitter hack.

Protests in Portland have carried on for more than 50 days. Here's how they started

Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland, Oregon, speaks to CNN's Jake Tapper about what he says are the unconstitutional actions of federal troops in his city.

A Florida man called his dad and said 'help' moments before he was killed alongside his friends, police say

Three Florida friends who planned to go fishing late Friday evening were found dead after one of them attempted to call his father for help, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said in a news conference.

Suspect in shooting of federal judge's son and husband at her New Jersey home has died, sources say

The son of US District Court of New Jersey Judge Esther Salas has died after a gunman opened fire on her North Brunswick home, the top judge at the federal courthouse confirmed to CNN.

After a Portland Police Association office is set on fire, Trump and the mayor blame each other for more unrest

Demonstrators in Portland have been protesting racial inequality and police brutality for the past 50 nights, US Attorney Billy J. Williams said. Federal authorities have protected the Mark O. Hatfield US Courthouse and, at times, interaction between protesters and law enforcement has gotten violent.

At least 15 women are accusing Washington Redskins staffers of sexual harassment, report says

The Washington Redskins have launched an internal investigation after 15 former female employees and two journalists who covered the team accused team staffers of sexual harassment and verbal abuse, the team told CNN. One of the accusers, Emily Applegate, discusses the allegations with CNN's Fredricka Whitfield.

Chicago shootings leave at least 49 people shot and seven dead this weekend

Chicago, Atlanta and New York City are experiencing a spike in shootings and homicides this year. The increase in gun violence comes as cities reopen during a pandemic and mass anti-police brutality protests have led to law enforcement reforms and budget cuts.

Slain entrepreneur and innovator Fahim Saleh 'saw the promise' in fledgling techies

Fahim Saleh, CEO of Gokada, Nigeria's motorcycle ride-hail company, was found dismembered in a luxury New York condo. His executive assistant has been charged with murder, according to police.

Jemele Hill says muted outrage over recent anti-Semitic controversies may be rooted in not wanting to undermine racial justice movement

CNN's Don Lemon talks to journalist Jemele Hill about an op-ed penned by former NBA star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on anti-Semitism in sports and Hollywood.

Parents find themselves digging up new options on schooling just weeks ahead of academic year

White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway says it will be a personal decision by President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump whether they decide to send their teenage son back to school during the coronavirus pandemic.

Why White supremacy is actually killing White people

W. Kamau Bell heads to Pittsburgh to take a deeper look into the damaging systemic applications of white supremacy in the US. His trip includes a visit with Tree of Life's Rabbi Jeffrey Myers, whose synagogue was attacked by a white supremacist in 2018. "United Shades of America" returns July 19 at 10 p.m. ET.

5 things to know for July 16: Coronavirus, race & police, election, Huawei, Twitter

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says she is undergoing chemotherapy for a recurrence of cancer and it is "yielding positive results."

Civil rights icon Rev. C.T. Vivian dies at 95

Rev. Cordy Tindell "C.T." Vivian, who was an adviser to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during the civil rights movement, has died at 95.

5 things to know for July 15: Coronavirus, election 2020, Iran, stimulus, Washington football

High temperatures and severe storms are in in the forecast this weekend. CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam has the details.

18 police officers injured in Chicago protest

Atlanta Police Department officers handed out gift cards to the community near the fatal shooting of Rayshard Brooks. Filmmaker Tyler Perry says he donated the gift cards in an effort to "bridge unity" between officers and the community they serve.

Former game show host deactivates Twitter account after his son contracts Covid-19

Former game show host Chuck Woolery's son has Covid-19, according to a spokesperson for Woolery. Woolery, who has since deactivated his Twitter account, said in his last posted tweet: "Covid-19 is real and it is here."

Teachers are so worried about returning to school that they're preparing wills

Former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Thomas Frieden warns against rushing into reopening schools before it is safe to do so, and outlines things we all can do to ensure children can return to their schools safely.

24-year-old who beat Covid-19 after nearly 80 days in the hospital says she regrets not wearing a mask

24-year-old Paola Castillo was discharged from a Texas hospital after spending nearly three months fighting Covid-19. She says she wishes she had listened to the advice of officials and experts and worn a mask.

Teen fishermen reel in a 700 pound bluefin tuna after a 7 hour fight

Three teenage friends fought a massive bluefin tuna for seven hours after hooking the fish off the coast of Maine.

Florida schools say they are ready but many parents and teachers are not

CNN's Martin Savidge speaks with anxious teachers in Florida as some schools consider reopening as coronavirus cases in the state skyrocket.

Georgia mayors speak out against governor's ban on face mask mandates

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp filed a lawsuit against Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms over the city's mask mandate. Both leaders are continues to clash as they speak out against one another. CNN's Dianne Gallagher reports.

Georgia mayors speak out against governor's ban on face mask mandates

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) signed an executive order prohibiting local governments from mandating masks despite coronavirus cases rising in the state. CNN's Don Lemon speaks with Augusta, Georgia, Mayor Hardie Davis, who is standing his ground on local mask requirements.

5 things to know for July 16: Coronavirus, race & police, election, Huawei, Twitter

The 2020 heatwave will not let up and some of the big cities in the Northeast are about to feel this next round of brutal temperatures. CNN Meteorologist Derek Van Dam has the details of when to expect the warmest temperatures.

Coronavirus patient tests positive for a second time but that doesn't mean she was reinfected, expert cautions

Studies suggest antibodies against coronavirus in people who have recovered may dwindle over time. Can people get it again?

An Arizona man in a coma from coronavirus woke up paralyzed

Eddie Case was infected with coronavirus to the extent that he was put on both a respirator and a ventilator before undergoing a medically induced coma for 20 days. Case and his wife Anne Costa Case tell CNN's Anderson Cooper what his harrowing ordeal of recovery has been like.

One of the country's largest megachurches says it's canceling all in-person services for the rest of 2020 over coronavirus concerns

Atlanta's North Point Ministries, one of the country's largest megachurches, said it is suspending in-person worship services for the rest of 2020 due to coronavirus concerns. CNN's Kate Bolduan speaks with senior pastor Andy Stanley about the decision.

George Floyd's family files civil rights lawsuit calling killings by police a 'public health crisis'

New police body camera video viewed by CNN offers critical new context in the moments leading up to George Floyd's death. CNN's Omar Jimenez reacts to his private viewing of the footage.

Shaq helped a stranded Florida driver and then fist-bumped the cops who arrived to help

Shaquille O'Neal stopped to help a driver after witnessing the car's tire blow out on a Florida highway.

5 things to know for July 16: Coronavirus, race & police, election, Huawei, Twitter

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Land O'Lakes CEO Beth Ford discuss their efforts to improve broadband access in rural areas.

5 things to know for July 16: Coronavirus, race & police, election, Huawei, Twitter

President Donald Trump shook up his campaign leadership announcing he was promoting Bill Stepien to be his campaign manager and demoting Brad Parscale, who had been serving in that role.

An alligator slammed into the side of a kayak, tipping the boater into the river

A kayaker navigating the Waccamaw River in North Carolina had a close call with a nearby alligator.

5 things to know for July 15: Coronavirus, CDC, election, Taliban, Weinstein

The first half of July has brought hundreds of heat records to the US as well as thousands globally. CNN meteorologist Pedram Javaheri has the record details and who will feel that heat today.

Black and Latino communities face another public health crisis amid the pandemic -- gun violence

Dr. Brian Williams from the University of Chicago talks to CNN's Don Lemon about what it's like dealing with both the Covid-19 pandemic and the spike in gun violence in the US at the same time.

Black and Latino communities face another public health crisis amid the pandemic -- gun violence

During a CNN Tonight In-Depth report on spiking gun violence in many American cities, NYPD Deputy Commissioner John Miller explains the struggle the department is facing with the rise of shootings in New York as the department deals with budget cuts and the coronavirus pandemic.

Two charged in July 4 death of 11-year-old in Washington, DC

CNN's Don Lemon talks to the grandfather of an 11-year-old boy who was fatally shot.

Dashboard camera captures the moment an officer saves the life of a 3-week-old baby

Dashcam video captured a Michigan police officer's dramatic rescue of a 3-week-old girl.

Orange County's largest school districts won't comply with Board of Education vote to return to classroom

The Orange County Board of Education in California approving its recommendations for the reopening of schools in the fall. CNN affiliate KCAL's Stacey Butler reports.

5 things to know for July 15: Coronavirus, CDC, election, Taliban, Weinstein

In an interview with CNN's Erin Burnett, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms discusses her family's struggle with coronavirus and what she'd like to say to President Donald Trump about leadership during the pandemic.

Allentown Police investigating after video appears to show officer putting his knee on man's neck

Police in Allentown, PA, are investigating an officer's use of force after video appears to show him kneeling on a man's neck.

This guitar-playing skateboarder is warming hearts in pandemic-stricken Atlanta

A man's impromptu performances aboard a Onewheel electric skateboard have helped earn him some money during a time when live music venues are closed.

Police officer shot and killed near Seattle

A suspect in the fatal shooting of a police officer in Washington is in custody, according to police.

A New Hampshire radio station cuts ties with conservative host after she filmed herself yelling at landscapers for speaking Spanish

Dianna Ploss, who had a show on WSMN in New Hampshire, livestreamed the racist incident on Facebook.

5 things to know for July 14: Covid-19, stimulus, Hong Kong, Roger Stone, in memoriam

The heat warnings that were confined to the Southwest have migrated to the east. CNN meteorologist Pedram Javaheri has the areas impacted as well as how hot it will feel.

5 things to know for July 14: Covid-19, stimulus, Hong Kong, Roger Stone, in memoriam

Bomani Jones, host of "The Right Time with Bomani Jones" on ESPN, gives his thoughts on the NFL's Washington franchise changing the Redskins name and logo.

5 things to know for July 14: Covid-19, stimulus, Hong Kong, Roger Stone, in memoriam

President Donald Trump commuted the prison sentence of his longtime friend Roger Stone, who was convicted of crimes that included lying to Congress in part, prosecutors said, to protect the President.

5 things to know for July 14: Covid-19, stimulus, Hong Kong, Roger Stone, in memoriam

CNN's Richard Quest takes a flight from Newark to London for the first time in four months, after taking a break due to the coronavirus pandemic. He describes his emotional journey.

5 things to know for July 14: Covid-19, stimulus, Hong Kong, Roger Stone, in memoriam

Covid-19 cases continue to skyrocket, which has caused more places around the US to roll back reopening plans to try and contain the virus. CNN's Erica Hill reports.

Houston Rockets star Russell Westbrook tests positive for coronavirus

CNN's Andy Scholes reports on Houston Rockets guard Russell Westbrook announcing he tested positive for Covid-19.

A grieving daughter called out politicians for 'lack of leadership' in her father's obituary after he died from Covid-19

CNN's Brianna Keilar speaks to Kristin Urquiza, a woman who lost her father to Covid-19 and called out politicians for their handling of the pandemic in his obituary.

5 things to know for July 13: Coronavirus, schools, Hong Kong, economy, election 2020

A 2000 mile stretch of land from the panhandle of Florida to California is under some type of heat advisory or warning. CNN meteorologist Pedram Javaheri let's us know how hot it will feel in this region with the detailed forecast.

5 things to know for July 13: Coronavirus, schools, Hong Kong, economy, election 2020

Actress Kelly Preston died after losing her battle with breast cancer, her husband John Travolta said in a post on Instagram Sunday. She was 57 years old.

A massive fire has destroyed a 249-year-old church in California

California firefighters are investigating the origin of a fire that badly damaged the San Gabriel Mission, a historic 249-year-old Catholic church. CNN affiliates KCAL/KCBS report.

5 things to know for July 13: Coronavirus, schools, Hong Kong, economy, election 2020

In a press conference, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Miami-Dade County mayor Carlos Giménez were pushed by a reporter on contract tracers after there was confusion over whether the governor or mayor could hire contact tracers during the coronavirus pandemic.

California reimposes restrictions on restaurants and many other indoor facilities

In an interview with CBS News, Surgeon General Jerome Adams said that if a "critical mass" of people wore masks and practiced social distancing, the rise in coronavirus cases could begin to trend downward in "two to three weeks."

21 injured after an explosion and fire on a naval ship in San Diego

At least eighteen sailors were injured after an explosion and fire on board the USS Bonhomme Richard at the US Naval Base in San Diego, US Navy officials said. CNN's Paul Vercammen has more.

5 things to know for July 13: Coronavirus, schools, Hong Kong, economy, election 2020

Exiled Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Nathan Law joins Fareed to discuss the future of the city after Beijing imposed a draconian security law.

Benjamin Keough, grandson of Elvis Presley, dies at 27

Elvis Presley's grandson Benjamin Keough has died, a representative for his mother, Lisa Marie Presley, said. He was 27.

5 things to know for July 13: Coronavirus, schools, Hong Kong, economy, election 2020

Puerto Ricans react after President Trump falsely claimed that nearly 3,000 people did not die in Hurricane Maria. CNN's Leyla Santiago reports.

Three Arizona teachers who shared a classroom got coronavirus. One of them died

Three teachers who shared a summer classroom at a school in Arizona all contracted coronavirus last month, leaving one of them dead.

Two Texas police officers fatally shot while responding to a domestic disturbance

Two police officers in McAllen, Texas, were killed while answering a domestic disturbance call, according to the police chief.

Warrant in fatal encounter between Breonna Taylor and police was linked to gentrification plan, family's lawyers claim

Breonna Taylor was shot eight times by Louisville police after officers forced their way inside her home during an attempted drug raid in March.

Goya CEO's support for Trump leaves many Latinos feeling sting of betrayal

The CEO of Goya's praise of President Trump triggered a boycott. There hasn't been this much stink about beans since the campfire scene in 'Blazing Saddles.'

Implosion levels the Palace of Auburn Hills, the Detroit Pistons' former home

The remains of the Palace of Auburn Hills was demolished. The Stadium hosted the Detroit Pistons from 1988 to 2017.

Black Lives Matter's surprising target: Los Angeles County's first Black district attorney

Black Lives Matter is targeting the Black district attorney of L.A. County -- the first Black person ever to hold the office. They say Jackie Lacey refuses to prosecute officers who kill civilians; she says she is just following the law.

Shooting in upstate New York leaves 6 injured

Six people were injured in an overnight shooting in Rochester, New York, police said in a statement.

Jewish NFL player Mitchell Schwartz says DeSean Jackson's anti-Semitic posts came from 'a place of ignorance'

NFL Kansas City Chief's player Mitchell Schwartz tells CNN's Don Lemon that he thinks DeSean Jackson's Instagram post came from "a place of ignorance."

Detroit will open schools this Monday

Dartmouth biology professor Erin Bromage tells CNN's John Berman what teachers will need to protect themselves from coronavirus when schools reopen this fall.

New audio brings detail to conflicting accounts of Breonna Taylor's killing

Newly released audio from the internal investigation into Breonna Taylor's death illustrates conflicting accounts of whether police identified themselves before ultimately breaking down Taylor's door in an incident which led to her death.

Bill Nye breaks down the reason why we should all wear a face mask

Science educator Bill Nye posted two TikToks literally begging you to wear a mask.

Medics are down to their last defense with coronavirus swamping their town

CNN's Kyung Lah goes inside a hospital near the US-Mexico border overwhelmed with coronavirus cases as the state records it's deadliest day since the start of the pandemic.

Americans made 'tremendous sacrifices.' The great reopening of the pandemic summer still got derailed

Cities around the world are reopening. These guidelines show you how you can go out safely.

New York City paints Black Lives Matter mural outside Trump Tower in Manhattan

Workers painted the words "Black Lives Matter" on the street in front of Trump Tower, but activists say the city's response to calls to defund the NYPD have been lackluster.

Oregon woman has battled coronavirus symptoms since March

Chelsea Alinoar, 37, describes to CNN's Brianna Keilar the symptoms she's been suffering from after being diagnosed with coronavirus in March.

An officer told George Floyd it took 'a lot of oxygen to talk,' body camera transcripts show

After George Floyd repeatedly told police that he couldn't breathe, former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin said, "Then stop talking, stop yelling, it takes a heck of a lot of oxygen to talk," according to transcripts of police body camera footage.

Ex-NBA star Stephen Jackson says remarks about DeSean Jackson were twisted, but apologizes

Former NBA player Stephen Jackson tells CNN's Don Lemon that he used the "wrong words" when defending NFL player DeSean Jackson's antisemitic social media posts.

Teens discover bodies in bags while filming TikTok videos in Seattle

Seattle authorities have identified the remains of two people who were discovered by teens shooting TikTok videos last month. CNN affiliate KIRO reports.

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