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Users of CBD oil discuss benefits

It's a topic that's been a discussion for months in Indiana-- CBD oil.

Posted: Feb 12, 2018 5:06 PM
Updated: Feb 12, 2018 10:25 PM

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WFFT)- It's a topic that's been a discussion for months in Indiana-- CBD oil. A bill recently passed in the Indiana Senate 35-13. It attempts to build on a law passed last year that legalized CBD for people with epilepsy, but many people question the oil because of the possible presence of THC.

People who use the oil said it's a miracle.

"I started taking them, and they've helped my nerves a lot. they've helped me relax and keep calm I guess," said Chris Kladis.

Anxiety is a large part of Kladis' epilepsy.

"There are different kinds of seizures and the kind I have are called petite mal. It's kind of like you're day dreaming. You're kind of frozen in the moment then you black out," he said.

Kladis was having multiple seizures a week, but after over a year of using CBD oil daily, his life is completely different.

"Now I rarely have them. I will have one like that, maybe like once a year," he said.

But what is CBD oil, and who can use it?

The Executive Director of the Indiana Hemp Industry Association said while the oil is commonly taken from the marijuana plant, it can also come from plants such as coffee, and it has huge economic potential.

"Consumers flock the stores in droves just to purchase this oil. They stock up on it because it's giving people a quality of life they haven't experienced before," said Jessica Scott.

For Lacy Garza the trouble came when she developed Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

"The best way to explain it is kind of like nine months of food poisoning. You can't drink water, you can't eat food, you can't keep anything down. I couldn't take care of my son or my family. No income coming in because I can't work," Garza said.

What you don't know about Garza is she's about 28 weeks pregnant, and she and her baby are perfectly healthy thanks to CBD oil.

"I'm very active in the HG community. I've talked to experts, chemists, multiple midwives. Midwives, this is one of their number one suggestions for HG," she said.

Garza swears by CBD oil so much that she's an affiliate for a company that sells it.

"I started Garza CBD, which is, I'm a Hempworx affiliate. And I've started a website. I've been talking to people who are suffering, people who may need CBD," she said.

Garza said she wishes people understood the amount of THC in CBD oil is not enough to get someone high.

"There's no funny feeling. For me, I feel more energy, a lot more energy actually than I've had," Garza said.

Shawn Anderson works making CBD oil, and remembers the day State Excise officers ripped the oil from his shelves, even though it doesn't have THC in it.

"Last year they had passed some legislation dealing with Marijuana derived CBDs, and it's kind of created the little quandary that we're in right now," Anderson said.

Anderson said while his oil is legal, he looks forward to all kinds of CBD being legalized in Indiana to finally put an end to the argument.

Senate bill 52 has moved to the House. We'll keep you updated on its progress on air and online at WFFT.

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