East Noble trying new four day week for some students

East Noble is piloting a program where a class will go to school four days a week and have e-learning most Fridays.

Posted: Jun 7, 2018 9:04 PM
Updated: Jun 7, 2018 11:17 PM

KENDALLVILLE, Ind. (WFFT) - Some fifth and sixth graders will have shorter weeks than most come this call.

East Noble is piloting a program where a class will go to school four days a week and have e-learning most Fridays.

About 100 parents were at Thursday's meeting asking questions about the new voluntary 4+1 program.

The program is being implemented for 5th graders at one school in the district, possibly South Side Elementary, and some 6th graders at East Noble Middle School.

East Noble School Corporation superintendent Ann Linson said the program is aimed at helping kids get that extra boost, or challenging them to go farther, depend on the students' needs.

"Traditional instruction doesn't necessarily meet the needs of all students. We have to have a diverse set of tools. That's what we are doing. This is a tool that we can use, a resource that we have available to us, that we will use with these students," Linson said.

"I'm looking more towards those Fridays to be able to give her some more challenging work," said April Moore, whose daughter will be a sixth grader at East Noble Middle School. "The main reason I'm looking at if for my daughter is she one who excels in class and I would hate for her to end up as one of the kids who are being bored."

"Whether they are struggling students or are higher achieving students, we want to meet all of those needs. To make that happen we want to give them choice," Linson said.

Linson said the district decided to go ahead with the voluntary program so they can offer unique opportunities to its students.

"We can be very creative with special field trips and maybe community service projects. Really be able to explore the interests of these students as individuals," she added.

The program details are still being worked out and has some challenges.

The biggest one is transportation. Student's who normally wouldn't attend the school where the program is held will need to be brought to school. Parents will also need to find transportation on Fridays their child would meet with the teacher.

"We'll go home and look at our schedule, I'll have to check my work schedule to see how flexible I can be in order to provide that transportation that might be needed," said Moore.

However, Moore thinks this will go over well in the district.

"I have two older kids, one who just graduated and who will be a senior. I think it would've been something they enjoyed," she said.

Linson said there are no plans to expand the 4+1 district wide and the entire program is voluntary, even for the teachers.

The 4+1 program is only open to about 25 fifth graders and about 25 sixth graders.

You can sign your child up by June 22.

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