Duck Parade giving students unique perspective of nature

Students at Arcola Elementary got to witness ducks walking through their school

Posted: May 14, 2019 2:47 PM
Updated: May 15, 2019 8:29 AM

ARCOLA, Ind. (WFFT) - Students at Arcola Elementary School get a unique lesson about the circle of life thanks to a duck.

For the past three years, a duck has made visits to the school.

Students have named her Courtney Waddlesworth.

Courtney’s custodial parent is Custodian Teresa Kage. She’s been taking care of courtney since she first arrived.

Kage said, "I go out there and talk to her and check her out. The first thing I do when I come in in the morning, I check on her and give her some encouragement, talk to her."

Each of the three years, Courtney has done what ducks do, lay eggs, but she lays hers in the school’s courtyard.

While Courtney is out, Kage counts the eggs and prepares the courtyard for the ducklings.

"Once the babies come out, we have our little ponds, our little pools and as soon as they can, they’re jumping in there and having a good time," Kage said

But like every good thing, Courtney and the ducklings stay has to come to an end. "I get emotional, but it’s a neat thing," Kage said

The mom and babies are guided through the school in the annual duck parade.

Samuel Lovell is a 5th grader at the school. He’s watched the parade for three years now and says they’ve learned a mother’s love through watching Courtney.

Lovell said, "We sort of learned how they take care of them and we also learned just how mother’s care so much for their young."

Once outside, the ducks are guided by Kage and others to safety in a more natural habitat. Courtney, displaying that motherly love as she scans the sky, watch like a hawk for any predators.

For the fifth graders it’s the last time these lucky ducks will get to see the demonstration of the circle of life.

Lovell said, "That’s pretty sad" to know it's the last time he'll get to see this. When asked why "It’s just really fun watching them walk through the hallway."

Kage believes Courtney isn’t ducking out of Arcola just yet.

"I think she’ll be back in March, for sure." Just like she has been for the last 3 years.

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