West Virginia Rep. Carol Miller: 'We have a crisis at the border'

West Virginia Rep. Carol Miller is in an in...

Posted: Jan 12, 2019 8:13 AM
Updated: Jan 12, 2019 8:13 AM

West Virginia Rep. Carol Miller is in an incredibly unique position: She's the sole freshman Republican woman elected to the US House of Representatives this year.

In November, the Trump-backed Miller beat Democrat Richard Ojeda (who is now running for president). The small-business owner and bison farmer shares why she believes the country needs a border wall, the importance of values and her love of pie.

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Lauren Dezenski: In five words, describe what you felt while being sworn in.

Carol Miller: Honor, accountability, respect, humbling and family.

LD: What's your top priority in your first term?

CM: Fighting for important issues like diversifying our economy, creating new jobs, developing our infrastructure, protecting our borders, and supporting West Virginia's energy industries like coal, oil and natural gas.

LD: What's your expectation on what happens with the current partial government shutdown?

CM: We must come to an agreement to fund our government and build a border wall to keep our country safe. We have a crisis at the border and it's too important an issue to play politics over.

LD: What was your biggest lesson from your campaign?

CM: Always stick to your values. Many people give you advice, but at the end of the day you have to stay true to who you are.

LD: Do you have a favorite pump-up song? What is it?

CM: It all depends on the day -- anything from Rocky or Gnarls Barkley to old-school R&B or classics like "Phantom of the Opera."

LD: Tell me about your favorite food from your district.

CM: I try to eat healthy, like a salad from The Fuel Counter, but never turn down a slice of pie from Shonet's or Jim's.

The House member interviews are still rolling! Is there someone we should talk to from your district? Email lauren.dezenski@cnn.com with your suggestions -- and thanks to all of you who have already reached out!

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