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Hometown Hero - Jonathan Springer, Pt. 2

Jonathan Springer was a sergeant in the US Army at the time he was headed to his second deployment in the middle east after helping clean up the mess at Abu Ghraib.

Hometown Hero - Jonathan Springer, Pt. 1

Jonathan Springer grew up in Columbia City and played football for the Eagles. He would go on to play at the collegiate level for the first football team at Saint Francis. It was during his time there when he received his call to action.

Hometown Hero - Ed Placencia

Ed Placencia wanted to go to Vietnam, but the military sent him first to Germany, where he would fight on the army boxing team. While in Germany he put in another request to go to Vietnam, but he missed one of his biggest opportunities with the 173rd Airborne.

Hometown Hero - Ron Koorsen

This is the first part of 2 part feature on Ron Koorsen

Hometown Hero: Keith McComb

Keith McComb graduated from North Side High School in 1942. He was quick to receive his draft papers and quick to sign up for the military.

Hometown Hero - Lynn Humbarger

Lynn Humbarger served in the Vietnam War.

Hometown Heroes: David Doehrman

At FOX 55, we like to recognize local paramedics, firefighters, police officers, and those who are currently serving or who have served in the military.

Hometown Hero: John August

After being drafted during the Vietnam War, Decatur, Indiana native John August made the decision to enlist for two years and spent one of those years in the states and most of his second year in Vietnam with the 101st Airborne division.

Hometown Hero: Ron Buskirk

Ron Buskirk was never deployed during his time with the National Guard, but he worked in various capacities during the first few years with the Fort Wayne Police Department.

Hometown Hero: James Webb, Sr.

As a young man, James Webb, Sr. was drafted into the military, and didn't know what branch he would serve in.

About Hometown Heroes

Our nation's best made significant sacrifices while serving in one of our military branches to help preserve our freedom and way of life. From Afghanistan to Iraq, Desert Storm to Kuwait, Vietnam, Korea or World War II, our sons and daughters placed their lives on hold to serve our country all over the world.

FOX 55 and WFFT.com will honor these hometown mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers during our on-going Hometown Heroes vignettes airing in our Emmy-nominated 10pm newscast every Sunday and featured on WFFT.com.

We've also opened nominations up to members of our Police, Fire, and EMS.  If you know of a deserving police officer, fire fighter, or emergency services person, please nominate them.  We would like to feature them in our Hometown Heroes segment.